Weeding in cemeteries

Weed control in areas such as cemeteries can be more complex than it seems. Indeed, we can encounter different types of obstacles, restricted spaces or legal constraints.

Indeed, when it comes to weed control, there can be legal problems. In many countries the use of phytosanitary products for the maintenance of public green spaces, promenades, cemeteries and many others is prohibited (“Labbé” law in France for example). This is why thermal weed control using hot air appears to be the ideal solution for these areas.

However, there are different types of thermal weeding equipment, ranging from hot water weeders to infrared heaters and burners. It is therefore necessary to use the right tools to weed these areas while saving time and energy.

The Ripagreen® tools, working with high velocity hot air, are equipped with a patented technology that transforms ambient air into intense heat. The Ripagreen lance works with 94% ambient air, which is mixed with approximately 6% propane gas (figures may change depending on weather conditions). This combination creates a short, rigid flame, which then becomes a blade of hot air. This will allow you to treat the weeds by instantly heating the plant, which will stop the photosynthetic process and cause the plant to dry out.


Among our range of products, the Mobility kit, which associates to the Ripagreen lance a bottle holder harness, is the one that will allow you to reach the smallest areas that can be found in cemeteries, such as the spaces between graves for example.

Moreover, thanks to its double function bracket, carrying the lance is considerably easier and the working circumference is extended to 2 meters. This amplitude will help you to treat the desired area in an ergonomic way and in a short time.


The Easy + kit can also be used in cemeteries. Thanks to its trolley, lance and harness, it is easy to weed alleys and paths as well as the edges of graves. The trolley can accommodate a 13 kg bottle, thus providing greater autonomy for larger working areas. It can be easily moved along paths and steps thanks to the trolley’s 4 wheels. The harness holds the lance and allows you to work with a small gas cylinder if necessary.

Pack easy +

You now know a little more about cemetery weed control and our kits that can help you with this task. If you would like to know more about our range of products, please contact us via our contact form or via the following e-mail address: info@sefmat.com.

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