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For many years now, a fundamental trend has been changing our vision of weed control. Phytosanitary products that are harmful to the soil, water and the health of users are being replaced by more environmentally friendly solutions.

These solutions are often complementary, to treat the plant according to its stage of development, from the seedling to the well-rooted plant. All the methods currently on the market only treat the “foliar” part, i.e. the visible part of the plant.

The plant reacts to heat for thermal weeding (flame, hot air, water, steam, etc.), to cutting for mechanical solutions (brush, reciprocator, rototiller, etc.) or to its total destruction in the case of uprooting (hoeing or by hand).

One point common to all the solutions on the market is the number of more frequent passes in comparison with a chemical solution. We have therefore chosen to work on the speed of passage, the ergonomics and the modularity of the products to accompany you in this new weeding method.

high velocity hot air What is it ?

Ripagreen’s hot air weed killers work with thermal weeding technology, i.e. the application of a heat source on the plant to burst its cells. We rely on a technology that we have mastered for many years in the industrial field, that of the venturi.

Our hot air lances are equipped with a body that compresses the ambient air when the propane gas is injected. This creates a high velocity blast of air and gas, which is then ignited at the diffuser outlet. This short, technical and very rigid flame is used as a “radiator” for the air flow passing through it.

The result is a wave of hot air, more than 40 cm wide, powerful enough to get everywhere and allow an ultra fast action on the seedlings.

The hot air blast of our thermal weed-killers reaches 300°c. This provides the necessary thermal shock to the seedling. Indeed, with 80°C in the heart of the plant, the cells burst, stopping photosynthesis and causing them to dry out quickly.

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The thermal lance at the core of our innovation

The Ripagreen hot-air thermal lance incorporates a number of technologies for fast weed control and practical use. No electronic systems or moving parts to guarantee a real longevity to our products.

The patented ignition is carried out via a piezo igniter that runs through the extension to the heat diffuser. A simple push on the handle and the lance starts. The start-and-stop system cuts off the gas supply if the trigger is released. No dangerous and wasteful pilot lights, you use the gas in just the right place at the right time.

Our “extension pole” technology allows you to switch from the standard lance to the mini lance depending on your use. The operator wears only the lance he needs, reducing MSD and improving comfort. The patented lance harness is also the ideal tool for optimal work ergonomics.

Finally, innovation is also at the service of your safety with the Ripagreen double safety regulator, which protects you by cutting off the gas supply in the event of a hose rupture or when the pressure is too low to affect your equipment.
Innovation at your service, for simple, fast and effective thermal weeding.

An ergonomic range of products to give value back to weeding

Alternative weed control is a complicated task for landscape professionals. It requires numerous passes, the movement of energy or water sources and the handling of sometimes complex equipment.

At Ripagreen®, we have chosen to develop solutions with weed control professionals, in order to have a range that meets the reality of the field. Our solutions are still evolving, thanks to your comments, contributions and knowledge.
The Ripagreen hot air thermal lance is available with a harness, a trolley or a reel support. Each of these accessories is adapted to a need, to an area to be weeded. You will find each kit in the following pages. We have also chosen to create an evolving range that does not limit you to a single area.

The Easy Plus Kit, for example, includes the Ripagreen thermal lance, the harness and the modular trolley to adapt to most types of terrain. Thanks to this kit you can easily switch from a long autonomy solution to a much more mobile solution for hard-to-reach areas.
Trust Ripagreen for your professional alternative weed control, contact us for a demonstration or more information.

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