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évolution détendeur Ripagreen
04Jul2024 Ripagreen product updating

As part of our ongoing commitment to respecting the environment and people, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products. Lately, we’ve been working, among other things, to […]

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19Jun2024 Biogas and Biopropane: Compatibility with Ripagreen® Products

In the ongoing search for sustainable energy alternatives, biogas and biopropane are emerging as key pillars in the transition to a greener economy. Ripagreen®, a leading innovator in thermal weed […]

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The warm weather is here, and the weeding season is starting! To help you get started, we’re offering a range of promotional offers* valid from March 15 to April 30, […]

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18Jan2024 SECURIPACK regulators – Safety at the heart of innovation

SECURIPACK regulators for our RIPAGREEN® thermal lances Pressure regulators are essential devices for ensuring safety and efficiency when using gas in a variety of applications. They enable precise regulation of […]

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Pack easy en démonstration en milieu urbain
16May2023 Comparison between a traditional burner and our Ripagreen® tools

When it comes to comparing and choosing a weed control method that does not use phytosanitary products, there is a wide choice of equipment. There are steam, foam, infrared and […]

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Désherbage des cimetières
06Dec2022 Weeding in cemeteries

Weed control in areas such as cemeteries can be more complex than it seems. Indeed, we can encounter different types of obstacles, restricted spaces or legal constraints. Indeed, when it […]

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Stand rg
29Nov2022 Thanks for 2022 fairs

The 2022 exhibition season is ending for Ripagreen! We would like to thank all the people who made the trip and came to meet us on our stands and those […]

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Le pack easy plus pour les espace publiques
31Oct2022 How to choose the right weeder

Electric or thermal? How to choose your weeder. Electric weeders There are two types of thermal weed killers, electric and gas. How to choose? Advantages of electric devices: – The […]

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Soirée des 100 ans

100 years is something to celebrate! As some of you may know, our company, founded in 1922, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. We therefore chose to celebrate this […]

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utilisation du pack Easy+

Weeding a field, driveway or stairs can be time consuming, laborious and uncomfortable. We are telling you how to make it easy. Not all thermal weeding machines are suitable for […]

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Lance ripagreen
29Mar2022 Energy consumption of thermal weeders

Since the increase in restrictions over chemical weeds control in many countries, thermal weeding has become an alternative to chemical weeding. But what about the consumption of thermal weeding equipment? Is […]

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Les pack désherbeurs
02Jun2021 What maintenance for Ripagreen® tools?

The problem with many gardening devices or weed killers is the need to perform regular maintenance to ensure their proper functioning. Ripagreen® tools require very little maintenance to keep them […]

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Peut-on désherber par temps humide
24May2021 Can I use my Ripagreen in the rain?

Do you want to weed your green spaces, but the rain is stopping you? Find out what can make weeding in the rain difficult, and why you can use your […]

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Désherbage avec le ripagreen

In order to be effective, weeding must be carried out during specific periods of the year. Discover our tips for successful weeding. BEST TIME TO WEED: WHEN? To be effective, […]

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Comment désherber seul
02Apr2021 Effective weeding on your own ?

Our Ripagreen® research and development teams have studied all the specifications of a person who would like to weed a fairly large area, quickly and above all to be able […]

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