The warm weather is here, and the weeding season is starting!

To help you get started, we’re offering a range of promotional offers* valid from March 15 to April 30, while stocks last:

Mobility Promotion - Ripagreen


For each MOBILITY pack purchased, the lance holder is €1.

The Mobility Pack is an ergonomic, versatile solution for weeding professionals. Suitable for small surfaces and hard-to-reach areas, it offers unrivalled comfort thanks to its adjustable harness that adapts to your morphology. In addition to carrying a small gas cylinder, it offers a wide reach with its mini Ripagreen lance. Easy to use, this pack enables effective one-handed weeding, thanks to its pivoting arm. With its Ripagreen® technology, it guarantees reduced gas consumption and optimum coverage. Upgradeable with the modular cart, the Mobility Pack is a complete solution for ecological weeding, with a focus on ergonomics and safety.


With the purchase of an EASY pack, you can benefit from the harness and lance holder at an exceptional price!

The Easy Pack is a practical, flexible solution for urban weed control. Combining a modular cart and a combo thermal lance, it enables efficient weeding of straight lines and areas around street furniture. Suitable for city centers, sidewalks and alleys, it offers optimum coverage with its hot-air blade. Equipped with safety features such as a piezo ignition system and dual-function regulator, it guarantees safe, efficient operation.

What’s more, the harness combined with the bottle cart means you can cover a larger area, thanks to the autonomy of a 13 kg gas bottle. The cart can be used in push or pull mode, offering additional flexibility for weeding operations.

Easy Promotion - Ripagreen
Easy+ Promotion - Ripagreen


Buy an EASY+ pack and get an extra harness at an unbeatable price!

The Easy+ Pack is the ultimate solution for ecological weed control on all your surfaces. It incorporates all the technologies of the Ripagreen® range, offering the perfect combination of performance and versatility. With its Ripagreen® Combo lance, modular carriage and lance-carrying harness, it lets you move easily from one site to another in a matter of moments. Freeing the operator from having to carry a thermal lance, it offers fast, efficient weed control, suitable for city centers, parks, cemeteries and playgrounds. Our harness features 18 points of adjustment, guaranteeing a perfect fit to the operator’s morphology, making weeding work comfortable. Ideally, each operator has his own harness, adjusted to his size, for an optimal experience. Thanks to its ergonomic design and limited gas consumption, the Pack Easy+ guarantees comfortable, environmentally-friendly weeding, meeting all your needs with a single, practical solution.


This space-saving rack keeps your equipment tidy and safe for transport and storage. Well-stored equipment is guaranteed to last. Your lance won’t be lying around in your van or storage space, prone to bumps and knocks. Easy to attach with 2 screws, it’s lightweight and flat. The entire lance (gun, extensions and nozzle) is positioned high up, along with the hose, thanks to the hook provided. The lance is held in place by rubber straps that buckle quickly and easily. In addition to the buckles, protective foams prevent the extensions from being damaged during transport. Both extensions can be held in place by the transport bracket.

Lance holder Ripagreen

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*Offer valid from March 15 to April 30, while stocks last.

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