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A world-first approach

The ability to design innovative, safe products has enabled SEFMAT to develop several brands active in different markets.

RIPACK® specializes in packaging, RIPAGREEN® in thermal weed control, RIPACK SUPPLIES® in the protection of bulky industrial goods, and RIPAMARK® in road marking.

These brands share a patented technology that is unique in the world, producing hot air over a large area with an unrivalled level of safety.

Nearly a century of experience guarantees the reliability and optimum control of our products for the Group.

Our vision remains unchanged: continuous innovation to meet our customers’ needs.

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Quality & safety The safety of our customers is at the heart of our concerns

For example, our patented “cold nozzle” technology prevents any risk of contact burns with our RIPACK guns. In addition, our double-safety regulators protect operators when using our products.

Our commitment to manufacturing quality guarantees user safety. We meet the most stringent certification standards (UL, ULc, GS, DVGW, CE) to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety.

What’s more, our warranties reflect our ongoing commitment to reliability and durability, with periods ranging from 1 to 10 years depending on product and brand.

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Our values



Innovation is at the heart of our development. From the creation of new products and services to the continuous improvement of our offering, we are committed to satisfying our customers.

We also innovate in our communication, training and support methods to better meet your needs.

Innovation also guides our approach to management and tools, making problem-solving easier.




Our standards equal your expectations. Every day, we strive to improve our products, services and customer experience. By listening to your feedback, we aim to build a relationship of trust based on quality.

Quality communication is also essential to us. We value quality relationships with our teams, our partners and, of course, our customers.




Respect is a fundamental value that we cultivate on a daily basis with all our stakeholders.

We strive to support our suppliers, develop our teams and fully satisfy our customers every day.


Respect takes many forms at SEFMAT

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Human respect

Our social responsibility goes beyond our economic role. We interact daily with our customers, suppliers and teams.

We are committed to constantly improving these relationships and to being open to suggestions for improvement.

Within the SEFMAT Group, we work in three main areas:

  • Training to develop and support our teams. Our training programs cover a wide range of subjects, from technical skills acquisition to personal development and risk management.
  • The search for meaning in our actions. Working closely with training, this approach encourages each employee to propose cross-functional initiatives within the company.
  • Team spirit, which is built every day. It fosters a friendly working environment, enabling everyone to develop and understand each other better.

Respect for the environment

As mentioned above, the focus of our actions is crucial if everyone is to identify with our values.

Preserving the environment is at the heart of this orientation. We take action right from the design stage, choosing suppliers, materials and packaging methods that respect the environment. We reduce our waste as much as possible, giving preference to recyclable materials.

We communicate on our progress in recycling plastics, using biosourced gases and reducing the consumption of plastic film.

Internally, we implement numerous actions, such as composting, company gardening and waste sorting, to reduce our environmental impact.

The individual actions of our employees, customers and suppliers reinforce our commitment to these principles and strengthen our determination to protect our planet.

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Photo de Julien Marigot

Commitment to sustainable development

A word from Director, Julien Marigot :

“Can we continue to develop our businesses without coherently integrating a sustainable or, more generally, ecological development strategy? Personally, I don’t think so, or at least I don’t think so any more (and I’d like to thank my colleagues at the CJD [Centre des Jeunes Dirigeant-e-s d’entreprise] for this realization).

There are many reasons to take this direction, but the essential one is to align our actions with our values. How can we justify our daily personal efforts without integrating them into our company? What impact would this have on our teams, our customers and our suppliers?

Without judgement or lecturing, at SEFMAT we have opted for a progressive approach, starting with internal actions, in small steps, without excessive communication or attractive greenwashing. Our teams expect realistic actions in line with their own values.

Then we rethink our development model, and that’s where it all makes sense. We don’t shirk our responsibilities and integrate the “environmental impact” variable right from the start of each project. This is what we call the “green veto”, a responsible approach.

In addition, after careful consideration, we decided to invest in “Team for the Planet”, a non-profit organization that supports companies committed to the global fight against climate change. This decision testifies to our ongoing commitment to a consistent and sustainable approach.”


History Know-how forged by experience


When it was founded in 1922, the RIPPES factories specialised in the design of welding equipment and then progressively acquired a great know how in the control of the flame, gas and safety elements, which were already very innovative.


In addition to technical innovations, the company also developed a network of dealers throughout the world. To support this growth, the company SEFMAT was founded.


SEFMAT develops an innovative ignition system as well as aluminium extension tubes, which make it possible to work farther and cover ground surfaces. Thanks to this innovation, several fields of application emerge; ecological weeding is not very widespread at this time.


The “Labbé” law published on 8 of February 2014 in France, which prohibits the use of chemical pesticides by public authorities and private individuals under certain conditions, has led SEFMAT to propose an innovative solution of thermal weed control, through the creation of its own division “RIPAGREEN®”.


After a long development process, a first offer is made to the communes and the innovative value of this product being awarded the Innovation Prize at the trade fair “Salon Vert” in Paris. The RIPAGREEN® adventure begins and the dealer network quickly spreads throughout Europe.


The assortment expands and RIPARGEEN® offers a range of hot air weeding equipment covering all types of grounds. Innovation, that is the foundation for our further development, which is constantly linked to feedback from the field. An ergonomic backpack is patented, the Mobility Kit and Easy + Kit complete the range.


The Autonomy Kit was developed to meet the demands for more autonomy and surface coverage. A frame that allows the connection of several gas bottles, thermal lances and 15-metres hose reels.


Through constant investment in research and development, RIPAGREEN® aims to meet the demands for reliability, quality and variety of surfaces to be treated. More on this in the next episode…

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