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Does not contaminate the soil




Désherbage avec la gamme Ripackgreen

Ripagreen Thermal weeding with hot air system
for professionals

  • Solution économe

    The hot air comes 94% from ambient air and only 6% from propane *.
    The machine is one of the cheapest to buy, with low maintenance costs.
    *Values may vary depending on altitude and climate

  • Grande éffciacité

    The heat shock causes the photosynthesis
    process to stop immediately.

  • Système sécurisé

    Patented technology used in various countries
    and confirmed by international certifications.

  • Respecte l'environnement
    Zero chemicals

    Protects the environment, the quality
    of the soil and the safety of people.

Outil professionnel a professional
Une gamme adaptée a suitable range
for every area
Leader mondial A world
Sécurité maximale Maximum
Désherbage avec le ripagreen

Ripagreen International certifications

Patented, safe technology approved
by international certifications
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Trophé de l'innovation et développement durable

Ripagreen And you...

With its know-how and experience, Ripagreen® develops thermal weed control solutions using pulsed hot air, adapted to all types of surfaces.

Innovation being at the heart of the company’s development, the solutions evolve by remaining permanently connected to the feedback from the field.

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Whether you are responsible for municipal areas, landscapers, market gardeners…
Ripagreen has the right solution for your thermal weeding needs.
Tell us your needs and we will direct you to the right person.

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