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The Easy Kit your ally in weeding
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The Easy Kit, made up of the modular trolley and the combo thermal lance, gives you the advantage of a weed control ramp and the flexibility of a carried lance.

The trolley assists you in weeding straight lines and wall edges. The lance can be moved on the stainless steel drawbar to select the area to be treated. Finally, the lance can easily be pulled out for point to point weeding around street furniture or small, hard to reach areas.

The Easy Kit is suitable for ecological weed control in town centres, pavements, walls and alleys.

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The fast and efficient solution

Mounted on the modular trolley, the thermal lance spreads a hot air blade over more than 40 cm. Like a lawnmower, you can cover a large area and move in “push” mode. The lance and gas cylinder are carried on the trolley, which is easy to handle thanks to its swivelling front wheels.

For easy movement between areas to be treated, the tiller swivels 180° and becomes a pull handle. In this mode, you can easily move up pavements, over soft or uneven ground.

Finally, the Ripagreen thermal lance can be used on its own, with a simple gesture you can remove it from the trolley and weed around street furniture or more difficult to access areas. With 4 metres of hose available, you can move around the modular trolley.

The heat generated by the thermal lance, at very high velocity, will shock the plant and stop its photosynthesis. There is no need to burn the plant, a quick pass will burst the leaf cells. In a few hours, the plant will dry out. Effective and fast, choose an economical and ecological solution.

Safety and efficiency at the core of our innovations

With only 6% of gas consumed to create the hot air in our Ripagreen® weed killers, use energy where you need it. The piezo ignition system eliminates the need for expensive and dangerous pilot lights. The handle activates the ignition and the gas with a simple push. The whole system shuts down when the handle is released for maximum safety.

The Ripagreen dual function regulator will automatically control the pressure in your hose and cylinder. No need to look at a pressure gauge to protect your product from low pressure, the system does it for you. In case of a pressure drop that could damage your thermal lance, the detection automatically cuts off the gas supply.

The second stage of the regulator monitors the pressure in the hose and cuts off the gas supply in case of a break.

A regulation allows you to adapt to the ground or climatic conditions by increasing the power at certain times.

Finally, the optimum gas/air mixture offers a very high efficiency. You can cover large areas with limited gas consumption.

Test the performance of the Easy Kit by contacting your local partner.

Pack easy en démonstration en milieu urbain
utilisation du pack Easy+

Versatility and adaptability

The Easy Kit allows 3 modes of movement to adapt to your needs in a single step. In push mode, the operator will be able to weed in a straight line, the edges of walls, gutters and paths.

In pull mode, the lance is positioned in a system of hooks and the Easy Kit will simply move between your areas to be weeded.

Finally, the thermal lance can be carried thanks to its adjustable handle for spot work, around street furniture or more difficult to access areas.
The Easy Kit can also be upgraded by adding the Ripagreen ergonomic harness, which gives your kit another dimension by becoming the Easy Kit +.

Pack easy +

Easy+ kit

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Technical drawings of the products

The Combo Lance RIPAGREEN

The thermal lance is composed of 3 parts for greater modularity. This modularity makes it easy to change between the Easy, Easy+, Mobility and Autonomy packs. It can be assembled in one click and can be adapted to any work space.

ECONOMIC Consumption composed of 94% air and 6% gas thanks to the Venturi-System ERGONOMY Adjustable handle for comfortable and precise work PRACTICAL Click and Start ignition with spare igniter C100,466.4,100.4,466.8,100.4,467.3z"/> LIGHTWEIGHT 2 resistant and lightweight aluminium tubes (2kg) AISANCE A swivel connection for a twist-proof connection with its 4m hose INNOVATION Patented hot air technology, stainless steel nozzle that can be rotated 360°

Easy kit Ripagreen

Ideal for urban areas.

SECURITY Brakes for working on slopes EQUIPMENT Hooks for hose and fire extinguisher holder Strap and cover for the gas bottle ERGONOMY A handlebar that can be adjusted in push or pull mode COMFORT Working height adjustable in 3 positions Lance placed in "push" mode
Outil professionnel a professional
Une gamme adaptée a suitable range
for every area
Leader mondial A world
Sécurité maximale Maximum
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