Dalles à désherber dans un park

Ripagreen alongside landscapers for private gardens

Weed control in private gardens is an important task for landscapers and green space maintenance companies.

An increasing number of individuals and local residents are asking for weed control without phytosanitary products to protect their children and animals from the risks of this type of product.

Discover our ecological solutions, a good way to stand out from the competition by offering a zero phyto service.


Weeding small areas

Weed control in private gardens is often limited to a few areas, sometimes difficult to reach or limited to a small surface. Despite this, safety and ergonomics are important to provide comfort to operators who are constantly weeding throughout the day.

The Mobility Kit, consisting of an ergonomic harness and a mini lance, is ideal for this type of area within a private garden. With the ability to carry a small gas cylinder, this pack will follow you to the smallest corners of the garden.
This harness mode will help you in weeding steps or narrow paths but its swivel arm system will also give you a treatment width of up to 2 m.

The Ripagreen’s high velocity hot air will allow treatment of gravelled areas, interlocking paving stones, sandy areas or areas covered with stones.

Une zone urbaine
Une allée dans un parc

weeding large areas

Some private gardens are similar in size to municipal parks. Pathways, pond surrounds or gravelled car parks are the main areas to be weeded.

The Ripagreen® solution has an obvious advantage when it comes to weeding large areas, as it does not pollute the soil or water. It is therefore essential for the edges of ponds and fountains.

For weeding car parks or gravelled paths, the Easy+ Kit will guarantee efficiency, comfort and endurance. With its 4-wheeled trolley, the Easy+ Kit moves easily over soft ground and the lance harness will guarantee effortless weeding.

Weed quickly and effortlessly in private garden and offer a professional weed control solution without chemicals.

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