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the Easy+ Kit the ultimate solution for all your weed control needs

The Easy Kit Plus integrates all the technologies of the Ripagreen® range. With the Ripagreen® Combo lance, the modular trolley and the lance carrying harness, you will be able to go from one site to another in a few moments.

No need to choose between autonomy and handling, between power and safety, the Easy Plus pack is the solution to your ecological weeding needs. In addition to its evolving nature, the Easy Plus solution is economical, so don’t hesitate to ask for a quote from our local partners.

The Easy Plus Kit is suitable for ecological weed control in town centres, parks, squares and forecourts, cemeteries and playgrounds.

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Pack easy + libération de l'opérateur

A single operator for maximum efficiency

The clear advantage of the Easy+ Kit is that it frees the operator from carrying a thermal lance. Equipped with the lance harness, the operator covers an area of over 2 metres with one hand. The swivel bracket on the harness assists the operator and provides great comfort. The other hand is therefore free to pull the trolley and move around easily.

The trolley has four wheels, which makes it more stable when moving around the city. The design of the trolley has been thought to cope with rising kerbs, soft ground and narrow spaces between street furniture.

With its low fuel consumption and the ability to carry a gas cylinder, you are sure to get through a day of weeding without effort or bad posture.

Choose the performance of the RIPAGREEN® Easy Plus weed wacker and contact your local distributor.

All your fields to be treated with a single pack

The Easy Plus Kit is made up of all the solutions in the Ripagreen® range, allowing you to switch from one solution to another in a few seconds.
The Ripagreen® thermal lance, a real concentrate of innovation, is the core of our technology. Thanks to its high-velocity hot air, you can weed quickly thanks to the thermal shock that stops photosynthesis.

With a simple click, it can be attached to the lance-carrying harness, an ergonomic solution that relieves you of the weight of the lance during your weeding work. The harness can be combined with the modular trolley for greater autonomy or used alone with a small bottle for difficult to access areas.

Finally, with the combo version of the lance (long version) you can benefit from the comfort of the Easy Kit by pushing your trolley for work on the edge of a wall or in a straight line.

A single tool for all your areas to be treated, choose the Easy Plus Kit for fast and ecological weed control.

Pack easy + libération de l'opérateur
Le easy plus en action

Ergonomics and comfort at the core of our innovations

Working fast is good, working comfortably is even better! The Easy Plus Kit is a real assistant, light and ergonomic, which helps you in handling the thermal lance and moving the gas cylinder.

Our lance harness has no less than 6 adjustment zones to adapt the product to your body shape. This tool becomes a real “personal protective equipment”, relieving you from carrying the lance and fixing the working distance.

The modular trolley can be adjusted in 3 positions to adapt to your height and also has three settings for the working height (position of the nozzle in relation to the ground). An on-board system on the trolley allows you to rotate the diffuser without bending over or risking touching the still warm diffuser.
Finally, an adjustment handle on the thermal lance can be moved with a simple gesture and without tools when weeding in “carried” mode. This innovative handle integrates the attachment area to connect to the harness.

Don’t wait any longer to discover the Ripagreen solution for alternative weeding and contact a distributor near you.

Technical drawings of the products

The Combo Lance RIPAGREEN

The thermal lance is composed of 3 parts for greater modularity. This modularity makes it easy to change between the Easy, Easy+, Mobility and Autonomy packs. It can be assembled in one click and can be adapted to any work space.

ECONOMIC Consumption composed of 94% air and 6% gas thanks to the Venturi-System ERGONOMY Adjustable handle for comfortable and precise work PRACTICAL Click and Start ignition with spare igniter C100,466.4,100.4,466.8,100.4,467.3z"/> LIGHTWEIGHT 2 resistant and lightweight aluminium tubes (2kg) AISANCE A swivel connection for a twist-proof connection with its 4m hose INNOVATION Patented hot air technology, stainless steel nozzle that can be rotated 360°

Easy+ kit Ripagreen

Ideal for urban areas.

COMFORT The 13kg gas bottle carried by the trolley MOBILITY The 4m hose for ease of movement PRACTICAL 4 all-terrain puncture-proof wheels ERGONOMY An adjustable harness with a lance holder for optimum working comfort
Outil professionnel a professional
Une gamme adaptée a suitable range
for every area
Leader mondial A world
Sécurité maximale Maximum
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