Pack mobility pour des petits espaces

The Mobility Kit the best in terms of mobility

Suitable for weeding small areas or areas that are difficult to access, the Mobility Kit is the ideal tool for professional weeders. Its ergonomic lance carrying harness adapts perfectly to your body shape and ensures that the lance is held in place for unmatched comfort.

The Mobility Kit allows you to carry a small gas cylinder (5 kg of gas on average) and offers a wide range of action thanks to the Ripagreen mini lance.

The Mobility Kit is suitable for ecological weed control in private gardens, ditches and slopes, schoolyards and cemetery inter-cemeteries.

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Désherbeur thermique mobility utilisable à une main

Ergonomics at the core of our development

There are many gas bottle carrying solutions on the market but none with so many features. Our Mobility harness has no less than 18 adjustment zones to adapt the product to your operator. This tool becomes a real “personal protective equipment”, by adapting perfectly to the body shape of the user.

The swivel bracket can be used by both right and left-handed users and is connected to the mini lance with a single click. No need to carry the lance, you work with one hand in a sweeping motion covering up to 2 metres in width.

This patented harness is the result of long and meticulous work by our teams in permanent contact with users. Come and test the Mobility Kit at one of our local distributors.

Mobility at the tip of your fingers

With your bottle strapped down, it’s time to weed with 94% air (on average) and only 6% gas thanks to Ripagreen’s unique high velocity hot air technology. The mini lance starts at the touch of a button thanks to a “start and stop” system and is switched off by simply releasing the handle.

The autonomy is of course less than a 13 kg bottle but it will allow you to treat a private garden, a small area that is difficult to access or as a complement when weeding your cemeteries.

The shape of the harness allows it to be placed on the ground, reducing the contact of the ergonomic foams with the ground. A cover with reflective strips covers the bottle and improves your visibility from the road. The transport bracket (optional) will ensure that the lance is held properly in the back of your van.

Pack mobility pour désherber les marches
utilisation du pack Easy+

Evolving in one step

The Mobility Kit can be the starting point of your adventure with Ripagreen®.

Ripagreen’s solutions have the particularity to be evolutive and to adapt to the needs of the moment. By adding our modular trolley to this offer, you can switch to the Easy+ Kit and increase your range of action.

A single pack for the ecological weeding of all your surfaces, the use of 5 and 13 kg bottles, ergonomics and safety as central points of our thinking.

Pack easy +

Pack easy+

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Technical drawings of the products

The Mini Lance RIPAGREEN

The thermal lance is composed of 3 parts for greater modularity. This modularity makes it easy to change between the Easy, Easy+, Mobility and Autonomy packs. It can be assembled in one click and can be adapted to any work space.

ECONOMIC Consumption composed of 94% air and 6% gas thanks to the Venturi-System ERGONOMY Adjustable handle for comfortable and precise work PRACTICAL Click and Start ignition with spare igniter C100,466.4,100.4,466.8,100.4,467.3z"/> LIGHTWEIGHT 1 resistant and lightweight aluminium tube (2kg) AISANCE A swivel connection for a twist-proof connection with its 4m hose INNOVATION Patented hot air technology, stainless steel nozzle that can be rotated 360°

Mobility kit Ripagreen

Ideal for hard-to-reach areas

COMFORT The weight of the lance carried by the harness EFFICIENCY Working width of approximately 2m with the lance in mounted mode ERGONOMY An airbag located in the lumbar area PRACTICAL The steel plate for carrying a small gas cylinder
Outil professionnel a professional
Une gamme adaptée a suitable range
for every area
Leader mondial A world
Sécurité maximale Maximum
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