Pack autonomy chargé dans une véhicule

The Autonomy Kit increase your range of action

The Autonomy Kit has been designed to easily move your propane gas cylinder(s) by considerably increasing your range of action with a 15m hose reel.

The modules can be combined to increase the number of cylinders, lance and reel.

Unmatched working comfort and safety with the Ripagreen® Autonomy Kit.
The Autonomy Kit is ideal for ecological weed control in large areas, squares and forecourts, fruit and vegetable farms.

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Pack autonomy chargé dans une véhicule

A wider range of action

Equipped with one or more hose reels depending on the version, the Autonomy Kit can cover an area 30 metres wide. The very light chassis of the Autonomy kit includes a space for the gas bottle (2 for the Plus version), a propane gas reel (2 for the Duo version) and 1 Ripagreen® mini lance (2 for the Duo version).

This frame is therefore perfectly suited to all types of vehicles, from three-wheelers to vans and flatbed trucks.

A frightening efficiency

In a few seconds, the Ripagreen® lance will destroy the plant thanks to the power of the high velocity hot air. The fan-shaped diffuser allows it to cover more than 40 cm wide in a single pass. Like a brushcutter, you will sweep the area to be weeded.

With a low gas consumption, the Ripagreen® lance meets the needs of efficient and ecological weed control.

The efficiency of our Autonomy kit can be improved by upgrading the Autonomy kit to the Autonomy Plus kit! The Autonomy Plus kit allows you to couple two bottles together. With the second bottle, weeding large areas will no longer be a problem for you or your teams. The weeding day can finally begin.

Pack Autonomy+


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Pack autonomy chargé dans une véhicule
Utilisation du pack Autonomy Duo

Work on both sides

The Duo version of the Autonomy Kit allows you to work in a team. Each user has his own hose reel and mini lance, which makes it possible to quickly treat a large area such as a town hall square or a church square.

The Autonomy Duo Kit can also be used to weed at the bottom of fruit trees or market gardens. The tractor in the centre carries the module and the operators work on both sides ensuring the ecological treatment of two rows in a single pass.

Choose the efficiency of our ecological weeding solutions by testing our range with your local partner.

Pack Autonomy DUO

Autonomy DUO

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Technical drawings of the products

The Mini Lance RIPAGREEN

The thermal lance is composed of 3 parts for greater modularity. This modularity makes it easy to change between the Easy, Easy+, Mobility and Autonomy packs. It can be assembled in one click and can be adapted to any work space.

ECONOMIC Consumption composed of 94% air and 6% gas thanks to the Venturi-System ERGONOMY Adjustable handle for comfortable and precise work PRACTICAL Click and Start ignition with spare igniter C100,466.4,100.4,466.8,100.4,467.3z"/> LIGHTWEIGHT 1 resistant and lightweight aluminium tube (2kg) AISANCE A swivel connection for a twist-proof connection with its 4m hose INNOVATION Patented hot air technology, stainless steel nozzle that can be rotated 360°

Autonomy Kit Ripagreen

ideal for farms (wine growing, arboriculture).

The 2 gas cylinders on board give you greater working autonomy.
Ideal for large areas.
2 modules each consisting of a lance, a 15m hose reel and a gas bottle are on board for duo work.
Ideal for farms (wine growing, arboriculture).

OPERATIONAL The module to be mounted on any type of vehicle MOBILITY The reel with its self-locking system and a 15m hose for more mobility SECURITY A rigid frame and holding straps for the gas cylinder PROTECTION Rubber straps and foam pads to secure the lances
Outil professionnel a professional
Une gamme adaptée a suitable range
for every area
Leader mondial A world
Sécurité maximale Maximum
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