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Reference to European directives:

In many European countries, the use of pesticides and other phytosanitary products for the maintenance of green spaces, forests and paths accessible or open to the public is already prohibited.

The regulation has been made even stricter by prohibiting this in all areas frequented by or accessible to the general public, whether private or public

Why weeding ?

Weed control removes unwanted weeds that take up water and nutrients from desired plantings.
Its mission is also to ensure that the proliferation of weeds likely to develop fungus is limited.

Weeding also has an aesthetic function.

Tips for weeding?

It is well known that nature flourishes best in spring. So we all tend to wait for the warm season to take action. But this is a mistake!

The earlier in the year you start, depending on your climate, region and country, the more you can prevent the plant’s root system from developing. See article “What is the best time to weed”.

The best time to weed is after the rain when the soil is still wet. The thermal shock will be even more effective and will attack your weed more deeply.

Many professionals are turning to alternative methods. The Ripagreen® range offers several solutions depending on your needs and the area you have to maintain. See cemeteries, steep areas, gravel paths, large areas

Mauvaise herbe dans du gazon
Le pack Easy+ pour les espace publiques
Mauvaise herbe brulée
Zero phyto

Zero chemicals

Plus efficace et rapide

More efficient and faster

évite les troubles musculosquelettiques

Prevents MSD disorders

What is high velocity hot air ?

The Ripagreen lance works with high velocity hot air with 94% air and 6% propane. This falls into the category of thermal weed control.

The hot air of our product is around 450° at 20cm from the ground. With only 2-3 seconds of passage, the heat causes a thermal shock that breaks the cells of the targeted plant in order to stop its photosynthesis. This shock occurs as soon as 80° is reached in the leaf system. The plant will dry out naturally after 48 hours. The wind will do the rest.

Consumption of thermal weeders

A “burner” or also called “herb burner” of the direct flame type will consume more gas and release more CO². On average on the market, these products have a working temperature of 800 to 1600° with 4 bars of pressure and a gas consumption of around 8 kW/h.

Our working range is from 1.5 to 2.5 bars of pressure for a consumption of 3.06 to 4.1 kW/h.

Safety with a thermal weeder

In order to get the right working method, a demonstration and setting up is provided by our regional distributor network. These are specialists in the field of power tools who will help you to work efficiently and safely. Contact us for a free demonstration.

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